A typical year-end at your place of business may consist of a holiday party or two, a gift exchange, some large meals, or even team-building events.  With the continued strain from Coronavirus, many if not all of these activities will be postponed or canceled. This leaves us with an important question: How do we show our most important asset, our employees, that they are cared for and valued? During a time when many of us are sequestered in our homes, it’s more important than ever to keep morale high.  Below are just a few ideas for potential holiday gifts to take everyone’s mind off of COVID-19.


Apparel is an immediate go-to for a lot of companies. Though sometimes difficult to coordinate, apparel is a staple in employee gifting.  With the added benefit of being simple to ship, apparel is an excellent choice to celebrate those working from home.  With the colder months coming up and dress codes being relaxed, consider a super-soft hoodie like this one from Bella Canvas.  With plenty of large panels for decoration, there are endless ways to get creative with your branding on this hoodie!

Automotive Phone Holder

If you have a staff of drivers or send a lot of team members on road trips, you cannot go wrong with a phone accessory or anything that makes their day/trip safer and easier.  This brand-new phone stand does both.  For anyone that may typically just dump their phone in a cupholder (like myself), this stand will bring the phone up into a safer viewing position, and still allow the use of the cupholder. Compatible with any phone, this stand’s design also features an opening for your charging cable to make sure your phone doesn’t die while you navigate unfamiliar areas.  Check out the Cell Phone Seat here.

Unique Gift Sets

Everybody under the sun tends to do the same old gift baskets. Mix things up (literally) with this unique Speakeasy gift set. Available in Deluxe, Regular, and Lite options, this gift set is great for any budget and helps to take the place of a holiday party that may not be happening this year.  The Regular-tier includes gourmet small-batch Chocolate Bourbon Cookies, Caramels, Old-Fashioned Infused Ice Cubes, Beverage Mixers, and a customized flask.  All packed within a custom gift box with a custom card, this is a super easy and shippable gift filled with high-quality pieces that are sure to stand out.  Check out the Regular-tier here.

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Clay is a Marketing Assistant, eager to learn everything he can about the industry. When he isn’t working, he enjoys working on and riding his motorcycle or playing a relaxing round of terrible golf.

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