When I look for new restaurants to try, stores to shop at, or places to visit, the photography I see on the company’s website and social media play a huge deciding factor on whether or not I am going to choose that particular business to eat at, shop at, or visit. I am sure I am not the only one who does this.

Your photographs tell a lot about your business. The better your images are, the more professional, detail-oriented, and welcoming your business will be portrayed.

What are some things I can do to improve my photographs? 

  1. Hire a professional photographer to visit your business to take high-quality images of your products. Then you will have a gallery of photographs to choose from, and you will always be sharing fresh content.
  2. Invest in a camera to use in house for products that come in between professional sessions.
  3. Try photographing things yourself with natural outdoor lighting if you have little photography experience.
  4. There are always those handfuls of customers who take amazing photographs on their phones. Check your mentions on social media and comment on them, asking if it is okay to repost the photo.

How often should I get professional photographs taken?

I would suggest that every business have a photoshoot at least four times a year or once every season. This way, you are continuously keeping your content fresh and giving customers something new and exciting to look at.

What kinds of photographs should I avoid on my website and social media?

  1. Avoid posting any image that looks pixilated or blurry or is low res.
  2. Straighten any images that appear crooked.
  3. Remove oddly cropped images.
  4. Do not use photographs that are too dark.
  5. Make sure the backgrounds of your photographs do not have anything out of place or odd in them.

Photos are the eye-catching element your business needs to draw in customers. They show your companies attention to detail and professionalism and highlight the quality of the services your business provides. Give your company the professional look it deserves and get a photoshoot in the works!

If you aren’t sure where to start, we are here to help! Contact us at photography@agmsolutions.com or visit us online for more information about the different photo services we offer.


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Samantha Payne

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