The primary purposes of having social media profiles for your company are to showcase your business’ talents, reach a wider audience, and interact with your customers. But not all content is the right content for your social media.

Check out some helpful do’s and don’ts of posting content to your social profiles that we find helpful:

Do: Use High Res Photographs

Images are the attention grabbers in your posts. Using high res photographs in your post versus blurred, unfocused, or low-quality pictures is going to make someone stop and is more likely to get better engagement. If you had an event or attended one, don’t be afraid to reach out to photographers to see if you can credit them and post their high-quality images.  Try to use a quality or professional camera to take photographs or use a phone with a high-quality camera. Images that are better quality are going to make the appearance of your overall account better and show your customers consistently stunning content!

Don’t: Post Too Much Content

Your business should be posting to your accounts a few times a week but posting too much at a time can lead to unfollows, a decrease in likes, and lower engagement. Posting too much can also create a spammy look for your account. To avoid over posting, choose quality over quantity or plan ahead and spread out your posts by creating a monthly calendar. A calendar will help you decide when things should be posted and give you a visual of how many posts a day you will have. If you need to post more than once in a day, spread them out. Schedule one for the morning and the other for the late afternoon.

Do: Repost Your Content

Not everyone who follows you is going to see your post the first time you share it. For content like blog articles and events, come up with a few captions you can use on the post and repost them a few times. By reposting at different times, on different days, you are reaching different audiences, driving more traffic to the post, and will reach followers who are in different time zones.  You can even use a scheduler app, so you don’t forget to reshare it!

Don’t: Use Social Media Solely for Self-Promotion

Social media is about more than just advertising your services and products. Followers want to know that you are more than just a person behind a screen. Interact with them by asking questions, personalizing responses, giving tips, and more!

Do: Double-Check Your Grammar

Keep it professional. Double-checking your grammar to make sure it is free of mistakes is key to proving your credibility as a business and a source of information. People are always quick to point out improper use of punctuation and misspellings, so make sure that you always get a second set of eyes to proof content before you post it!


Social media is the first thing that customers visit to check out a business, besides their website, so make sure that your profile is the best that it can be!

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