December is many people’s favorite month of the year and for a good reason! The spirits are high, the mood is great, and the air smells like cinnamon and pine. Everywhere you go you hear Christmas music playing and see colorful lights blinking. People are genuinely happy and excited.

But the holiday magic is not just for brick and mortar stores. You can very much recreate that uplifting atmosphere digitally for your website visitors! Maybe the technology of dispensing that hot cocoa smell through your computer speakers has not been developed YET, but there are many other ways to catch that holiday spirit and make it feel at home on your website.

Start with Social Media

The easiest way to quickly spice up your online presence is to update your social media accounts. For most platforms, the process is very straight forward and intuitive. If you know how to create an account, you know how to update it too. Try logging into your Facebook page and upload a new festive holiday banner in place of the generic one you chose on the day your page was set up three years ago. Want to go a step further? Freshen up your profile picture to reflect the season.

Can Your Logo Use Some Holiday Flair?

Consider tweaking your logo to add a small (or large!) holiday decoration. It could be a Santa hat resting on top of the capital letter of your company name or maybe a candy cane hanging from a rounded letter. Make sure that the change is subtle enough so your branding is still recognizable.

Spruce Up Your Homepage

It is generally advised to keep your website content fresh and relevant. The holiday season is just the perfect excuse to review your homepage for outdated content. But as important as the copy is, the easiest and most effective change you may offer for your holiday visitors is new images. They don’t have to be specifically holiday-related to work. As long as the theme and colors reflect the current season, you’re in the game!

Experiment with Fun Animation and Festive Music

One of the advantages of the web medium is the ability to make different types of media work together. Adding some subtle and tasteful web animation is a great way to immediately capture the attention of your visitors. For the holiday season, it could be something as easy as adding snowflakes falling down a page or a set of flashing lights that frame your website’s navigation. As long as it’s not too heavy on flashing and blinking, your visitors will surely appreciate the cute little addition! If you want to play some holiday music on your page (and that goes to any kind of sounds, including video soundtracks), you will have to provide a fast and easy way to pause and restart the sound.

Write Holiday Related Content to Post on Your Website and Share on Social Media

If you have a blog feature on your website, you should absolutely consider writing some holiday-themed content. It doesn’t have to be about the holidays necessarily, but possibly about the winter season and getting the most of it. For example, a real estate company might provide some tips on reducing heating bills, while a local electrician could share some insights on safety measures of putting up lights on your roof.

Send a Holiday Email

Every year, my inbox starts getting a little crazy around mid-December, as I’m sure most people can relate. I don’t know what it is, but I can never pass up clicking on those “Warm Holiday Wishes…” subject lines. I can’t resist seeing another cute festive graphic; this just brings a smile to my face and puts me in a better mood! Use this to your advantage. You might not sell or promote anything directly to your consumers, but those little tokens of attention really do go a long way in brand recognition and overall customer satisfaction.

Last but Not Least – Be Inclusive

The holiday season is a time for all to come together, regardless of religion, nationality, or background. It is a magical time when we celebrate our differences and come together in gratitude and appreciation. If you are running a business, it is important to be mindful of the fact that your customers come from all different walks of life and might celebrate different holidays from you and your family. When choosing decorations and wording to spread the holiday spirit using your online presence, try to stay neutral and inclusive.


In general, updating your website to reflect the current season is just another way to bring personality to your brand by going the extra mile in creating a pleasant experience for your visitors.

From all of us at AG Marketing Solutions, Happy Holidays!

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