As we start off 2020, let’s think about the different materials and colors used to accentuate trends as well as create timeless looks. The variety of materials used to create promotional products are impactful because they touch the senses. Promotional product trends tend to be inspired by a variety of industries. According to Forbes, when it comes to interior design in 2020, anything off-trend will be on-trend with unique pieces and hand-crafted materials and sustainable materials will become more important.

The beauty subscription brand IPSY captures this creativity with their monthly glam bags. IPSY sends a different glam bag each month filled with beauty essentials tailored to you. Each bag style matches their theme for the month. The theme for December 2019 was “SHINE ON #DISCOVERYOURSELF.” The bag was metallic silver and slightly textured, with the always present and classic “IPSY” branded zipper pull. Although each month you are receiving the same type of item (the glam bag), you never know what your bag will look like, and the branding of these bags is just as impressive as what is inside them!

Here are a few promotional products that showcase a unique material or finish to create a look as unique as you:

The Look: Sleek

Soft touch paper has been widely used in the print world, and we’ve seen a huge increase in soft touch promotional products as well. When paired with your print materials, this can add so much dimension to your marketing collateral. The Bowie Pen is one of my new favorites, with a soft touch feel on the barrel and a mirrored look to its laser engraved imprint.

The Look: Rustic

Leather is an old favorite, and many new promotional products are being made with this beautifully rustic material. The feeling of leather ignites the senses with old-time charm. The Dogear Leather Corner Bookmark is a unique product perfect to use as:

  • An accessory for a custom notebook to giveaway at a conference or tradeshow
  • An insert into a newly published book
  • A welcome gift for college students

The Look: Natural

The natural look gives off a warm, calming feeling, and who doesn’t feel calm when you know your promotions are also sustainable? The Frenzy Bluetooth Speaker case is made from 51% wheat straw which is both natural and on-trend. The speaker itself is made from FSC Certified recycled paper. Not only that but this product partners with 1% For The Planet, where one percent of the sale of this product is donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.


In conclusion, we are so excited to see what 2020 brings and to help your branding stand out by marrying new colors, materials, and styles with the message you want to portray to your clientele. Bring on the new year!

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Catherine Shaffer

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