It’s nice to be appreciated for your efforts. It’s also nice to show appreciation to the clients that have been loyal to your company and come back to you time and again!

Your clients will be thrilled to have received your gift of thanks, and certainly leave them with a lasting impression.

Our Top Suggestions

  • Who doesn’t like to receive a nice hand written thank you card? My suggestion would be to place your card in a nice gift box along with perhaps an item specific to your industry, or something you know would be useful to your client. Keep in mind that you should not include an ad or coupon for your company. Remember the point of this is to thank your customer, not to sell them something. You’ll want to address your client by name as well as reminding them of the specific item or service they received. If you need help writing a killer customer thank you note, HelpScout wrote a great guide on it.
  • Proper stationary is important. Using company branded thank you cards is appropriate and not necessarily considered a form of advertising. Make sure the stationary is unique and stands out! There are many options of paper stock and unique printing methods that will enhance the look of your cards, while staying true to your company’s branding.
  • Using a black or blue pen, or even a felt tip pen, is preferred over red ink, so that you’re message isn’t screamed (think of the feeling you get when you read SOMETHING IN ALL CAPS – you don’t want your thank you card to give off that type of message.)
  • Don’t worry about your penmanship as much as spelling and grammar. You don’t want misspellings and poor grammar to be what the reader remembers in the end.
  • Gratitude goes a very long way especially today when it’s not often you receive a heartfelt, hand written thank you. You don’t have to write one every time your client places an order. Sending thank you cards too frequently actually takes away from the spontaneity.

Mailable Promotional Items

If you really want to make an impact, include a mailable promotional item! Here are a few of our top promo pics:

colllage of magnetsThe ever-popular business card magnet

You can be as creative as you want to be with a full color magnet. Depending on the size of your envelope you don’t have to stay within a business card size. We recommend no less than 25mil thickness, so you can use the magnet to hang papers or photos!

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloths are flat and light and won’t add much if anything to your postage. There are one color decoration options as well as full color options to really make your message pop!

power bank connected to iPhonePower Bank

Of course, technology is a top choice for gifts. Power banks are a perfect way to thank your clients with something useful, especially when they are on the go.

Carabiner with bottle opener

Carabiners with bottle openers are useful and will be appreciated in a pinch.


Let’s get personal.

Beyond mailings, you can scale down your gift list and ship your top clients something a little larger in size, and very personal such as drinkware. Here are our final thoughts on wrapping up some client gift ideas for your consideration:

multiple bottles with logosDrinkware

Drinkware is Hotter than EVER. Custom imprinted drinkware is now available that will keep your drink cold or hot for up to 24 hours and many come with a nice gift box! They offer custom decoration on the boxes as well. Your clients would love receiving the hottest new trend in drinkware!

In today’s world you can have almost any shape or color drinkware you would like!

Custom Packaging

Suppliers understand how important packaging is. So, many are offering custom packaging where your branding can be front & center.

Timing is Everything

Choose one month a year to send your client appreciation gifts. It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving or even around the holidays, but try choosing a month that isn’t known for gift giving. What a surprise they will have opening your thank you gift!

In conclusion, leaving your client with a lasting impression helps to build a loyal and trusting relationship for a long time to come.

About the Author

Rita Shaffer

Rita has been in marketing since 2004 and a promotional product specialist for over 11 years. She strives to be the go-to person for her clients’ tradeshows, holidays, and events throughout the year.

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