Supporting local organizations and charities through donation drives is a great way to give back and help the community. If you aren’t sure where to start, check out the steps AG Marketing Solutions took in planning our Children’s Book Drive!

1. Find an Organization
The first step in planning a donation drive is to find a local organization that needs help. You can start by asking around the office or looking online! We asked around the office and found out that a local school might need reading materials for their students.

2. Reach Out
After finding a cause you are passionate about, reach out to the company/organization and let them know your company would like to host a donation drive. Be sure to ask if there is anything specific that they need. When we reached out to a teacher at J. Hampton Moore School in Philadelphia, we were informed that they really needed books for their first-grade students. So, we created a book drive!

3. Content
Get your ideas together for the fundraiser on paper. When will it be? Where will people drop off donations? After coming up with all of the information, re-read, re-word, and proof your information and get a colleague to take a look as well. They might have some suggestions for something you might not have thought of.

4. Design
Once you have your content, you should figure out the best way to advertise your fundraiser. AG Marketing Solutions decided to advertise using both digital marketing and print marketing. We created a flyer, a one-page website, and various graphics that cohesively matched and branded the drive. Check out the website here!

5. Execution
Now it’s time to spread the word of your fundraiser! Post on social media and ask other organizations to share your posts. Go into local businesses and ask if they will hang your flyer on their community board or share it with their employees!

You can help give the gift of reading to a first grader by donating a book, new or used, to our Children’s Book Drive for J. Hampton Moore School until March 13th. For directions and more information about our drive, visit us at

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