Throughout the pandemic, many cities across the country temporarily postponed plastic bag bans due to financial and health related concerns. While the push to reduce waste is still a focus, some studies suggest that reusable bags contain more bacteria when not sanitized properly. Another area of concern is the added cost to businesses when forced to make such changes at a time when small businesses have already incurred huge economic hardships. This is challenged, however, by the millions of dollars spent on cleaning the city streets and waterways of discarded plastic bags ( The projected timeframe for Philadelphia to revisit this objective is July 31st, 2021 with a warning period months later to ensure businesses are ready to go with the new policies before the ban is in full effect ( 

Spring is traditionally a time to breathe in the fresh air and get motivated to roll up your sleeves and remove all the accumulated waste from the winter months. Peek into your marketing closet and consider what other products can be replaced with an eco-friendly solution. You can even pair your product with a social media post featuring tips on the variety of ways the product can be repurposed for different usesRemember that you do not need to overwhelm yourself with a complete overhaul of marketing items. Start with the basics such as a wheat straw tumbler, bamboo pens, and of course reusable tote bags. We can help you get ahead of the curve with a slew of eco-friendly options!  

This eco-initiative is not a trend but a necessary change of lifestyle which will increasingly be in focus as the negative effects of plastics and other waste on our environment cannot be ignored. Even if you are not located in a city where these plastic bag bans are in place, you may want to consider moving your company towards an eco-friendlier solution where possible. Not only will this provide an easier transition if your area does decide to put similar restrictions on plastics in place, but you will also send a positive message to clients with an eco-conscious campaign. Prepare your business ahead of time for a stress-free transition as these mandates come back into focus. 


About the Author

Catherine Shaffer

Catherine is a marketing manager working with all of our departments to bring marketing initiatives to life. She specializes in promotional products and is inspired by innovative goods and decoration techniques that take branding to another level. In her free time, she enjoys listening to good music and spending quality time with family.

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