It’s 6:00pm on a cold Monday night at the time of me writing this. I don’t bother to turn on the TV knowing full well that the media continues to be covering the endless charade that is the coronavirus. I’m confined within the four walls that make up my home office, quarantined from the outside world. I take solace in knowing that I am not the only one in this predicament. At a time where social distancing has become a way of life, I have accepted that my daily routine has become compromised. With so much uncertainty going on there is one thing that has remained the common dominator throughout: I hate to be alone.

While technology has certainly made life easier to communicate with team members, it is the act of being mentally active that can help keep your mind from drifting away. Through my experience, keeping busy is the best medicine for loneliness and being proactive when you can ensure that you remain mentally stable while being ahead of the game at the office.

Tips for Being Proactive During a Pandemic:


  • Planning out projects and deadlines in itself can be therapeutic. For me, the act of jotting down the work or projects that I have to tackle allows me to evaluate all that’s on my plate while putting my mind at ease knowing that everything has become organized.

Strive for More

  • While being caught up is never a bad thing, the mindset that there is nothing left to do is not where you want to be. Know that there is always something that can be accomplished.

Anticipate Clients’ Needs

  • As far as I know, no one can mind read, however, if you can anticipate the needs that your clients may have, that can help grow your business as well as your client. If your customer has annual functions or promotions, try starting them during this time period to put yourself ahead.

Internal Work

  • Tackle any internal projects that you may have. Re-branding your company, create marketing objectives, or even brainstorming new company processes can help you pass the time more constructively.


  • Use the time to research your customers as well as other marketing and business objectives. Always challenge yourself to learn something new. Continuing to grow yourself and expanding your knowledge or skills is always positive.

While times are getting tough, remaining balanced with a healthy dose of proactivity can go a long way in keeping you sane during confinement. Just remember, as stated in my previous article, having a game plan in place is always key to being successful. It’s all about your mindset and state of wellbeing.

About the Author


Robert has a love for graphic design stemming from his passion to create while solving problems. He enjoys overcoming challenges and providing the best solutions while creating something stunning. Being able to see something that starts as just an idea or a sketch and turning that into a fully functional work of art is what makes Robert such an integral part of our team. Robert admires designers such as Paul Rand, who has motivated and inspired him to pursue his dreams of becoming a designer, and taking his skills to the next level. As Paul Rand once said, “Design is everything, EVERYTHING!”. Design is RJ’s life..

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