Social media is a great way to connect and interact with your current and potential clients and customers. Posting engaging content regularly is a key factor in keeping your current followers active while helping you gain new ones. Take time to plan posts for the following week or month so you always have fresh content to share.

A calendar is a great way to start the planning process! Your goal should be to post at least once every day. However, if you are just beginning and are new to social media, posting three times a week is an excellent goal to shoot for.

Start your calendar off by adding in posts about things you know are occurring in the upcoming weeks, like events you are hosting, national holidays related to your industry, or contests you want to host. After filling out what you already know you want to post about, you will be able to see how many posts you will need to create content for.

Start your content creation process by deciding which products or services you want to post about. Do you have images that represent these? Could you take pictures for the posts yourself? If so, grab a camera or cell phone and get shooting. Original content is the best kind of content. People love seeing photos of your restaurant’s food or a photograph of your community in the fall when the leaves are changing color. If you want to advertise a product or service that you cannot take your own image for, resort to a stock photograph or short stock video for your post.

Once you have all of the images for your social posts, you need to create a captivating caption for each. 1-2 short sentences are best, but if you are hosting an event or contest, more text may be necessary. Be sure to add a few relevant hashtags to your post after the caption, and you are ready to schedule posts for the upcoming weeks!

Planning ahead will help you to always have content being posted. If your social media profiles stay inactive for too long, people might think you are closed or went out of business. Staying active on social media shows your customers you are open and ready for their business!

If you need a few ideas to get started, check out the list below for some ideas that you can relate to your industry!


  • Feature new menu items
  • Happy hour deals
  • Live entertainment and upcoming events
  • Holiday menus and photos of items on them

Multifamily Housing 

  • Community amenities
  • Community events
  • Decorating contests
  • Pet of the month if you are pet-friendly

Boutiques/Clothing Stores

  • Items included in your sale
  • New in stock posts
  • Fashion photoshoot

Gyms and Fitness Centers

  • Classes you are offering
  • New equipment
  • Meet our trainers

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