You have been tasked with the job of picking out the jackets your company will be gifting to its employees for the spring season so they can proudly show off your brand at upcoming company events, outings, trade shows and just for everyday use. But where do you start?

It can be an overwhelming task since there are so many different styles for different people. Choosing the right jacket isn’t easy. But, hopefully, the below list of basics will help guide you in finding the perfect jacket for your team.

  1. What is the typical weather like in your area in the spring? Will it be 50 degrees or 70 degrees? Will it rain? Will it snow? How windy will it be? Another nor’easter (hopefully not!)?
  2. Do you need your jacket to protect you from the elements? If so, make sure seams are tight at the shoulders, back and front to keep out light rain and wind. If a waterproof jacket is a necessity, make sure they are waterproofed with a breathable membrane. There is a coating they add to the jacket’s fabric to accomplish this. Don’t be afraid to ask and make sure your jacket has this! Additional considerations would be a detachable or roll-away hood. You don’t always need the hood, so it’s nice to be able to pack it away in its pocket.
  3. Do you travel a lot? If yes, then you need your jacket to be packable. Consider a lightweight jacket that can be packed away and kept in a handy place for easy access.
  4. We live in a time of tech. Having media pockets is important. Make sure they are hidden and lined with an RFID liner for extra security.
  5. Let’s not forget style. Do you want to look professional or casual? How about something that achieves both, a casual comfortable look but appears professional and sophisticated. Or, something versatile with clean lines, refined for the office as well as going out after work for a drink with your colleagues. Keep your trendy style points in mind when choosing your jacket.
  6. Do you have a particular fabric or feel in mind? Hybrid knits are the best of both worlds, the warmth and protection of a softshell while keeping the mobility and comfort of an active knit. Again, the fabric may depend on the weather in your area.
  7. Let’s not forget decoration. Whether you choose to embroider or screenprint your jacket, stay on trend with your decoration location. You don’t just have to stay with the traditional, front left chest. Printing your logo vertically, or on the sleeve or collar is trending right now. Have fun with your decoration. Also, sometimes you may want to go for a more subtle decoration. Make your logo smaller, but still legible and in a color that is a few shades lighter or darker than the actual jacket color.

Hopefully the above helped to get you started and to narrow your search a little. If you need any help or any more direction, please feel free to reach out to me! 😊

About the Author

Rita Shaffer

Rita has been in marketing since 2004 and a promotional product specialist for over 11 years. She strives to be the go-to person for her clients’ tradeshows, holidays, and events throughout the year.

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