Election season is here, and no matter the office you are running for, increasing your exposure is a must in staying ahead in the race. Compared to all of your other campaign responsibilities, deciding which marketing materials to utilize should be a stress-free experience. Any political marketing campaign should be planned out well in advance; however, as the campaign moves along, you may find that you need additional materials to swing the vote in your favor.

The below list contains some examples of marketing tools that your campaign can utilize as a last-minute effort. These materials are cost effective and can be turned around in a relatively quick amount of time.

Social Media Ads:

A no brainer to use throughout your whole campaign, social media ads allow you to connect with your target audience utilizing platforms that they are already engaged with. By narrowing down your demographic based on poll studies, you will be able to use both static and video ads to generate further awareness to your cause.

Yard Signs & Banners:

Easy to place and setup, yard signs and banners can be printed and deployed in a matter of days. Size and quantities can be based on any campaign budget; however, it is important to take note that with all types of signage, the more you order the more cost effective they will be. By placing signs near stop signs and traffic lights, you ensure that passersby will be able to easily read the information when stopped.

Direct Mailers:

While cutting it close with your timeframe, direct mailers are always a sure-fire way to get your campaign’s message directly into your targets’ hands. By expediting production and choosing first class postage, you would be able to turn out a mailing campaign quickly but at a cost. I would highly recommend printing bulk orders of cards throughout the campaign so that if any last-minute mailings are needed you would not have to worry about any rush production fees.

When doing any form of political marketing, keep in mind the design of the materials. Most political campaign designs are based on the color scheme of red, white, and blue. By incorporating other primary colors, you make your campaign’s identity standout from your running mates. Make all materials precise and to the point. At this late in the campaign, it is critical that your message stands out.

About the Author


Robert has a love for graphic design stemming from his passion to create while solving problems. He enjoys overcoming challenges and providing the best solutions while creating something stunning. Being able to see something that starts as just an idea or a sketch and turning that into a fully functional work of art is what makes Robert such an integral part of our team. Robert admires designers such as Paul Rand, who has motivated and inspired him to pursue his dreams of becoming a designer, and taking his skills to the next level. As Paul Rand once said, “Design is everything, EVERYTHING!”. Design is RJ’s life..

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