In an era where everything we do in business has become digital, it’s hard to fathom the fact that a 3.5” x 2” piece of paper still remains relevant today.

Smartphones, LinkedIn and various other applications allow you to share information with a touch of a screen, so why even bother handing out a rectangular piece of paper? I feel the answer is simple; to create a physical connection. Consider me old school but I feel there is still something meaningful about the tradition of exchanging cards. Like a firm handshake, in the professional arena a business card should communicate sincerity and professionalism along with a sense of personality that represents you and your company. As Chris Ake from Grand Apps Development states; “To me, having a quality business card equates to having a successful business” and I couldn’t agree more.

It is truly amazing the power that these little pieces of paper have, and I can recall numerous times where a conversation was extended due to the quality and design of my cards. We as humans are naturally drawn to things that are different and it is vital to make sure that your cards stand out from the rest. So what ways can you make your cards different?

  • Having an eye-catching design is a good place to start. I feel that the most simplistic designs tend to have the biggest impact and that you should keep it simple when deciding what information to put on the card. Remember, business cards serve as a quick means of contact and do not need to tell the story of your whole business.
  • Now that you have an eye-catching design, the next step is to bring it to life by printing it onto some unique stock. Simply put, there are endless materials out there for you to print your cards on and it is highly recommended that you strive to be different. How many cards have you seen that were printed on carbon fiber? I place my bet on 0. Now, like everything in business its imperative to have a budget in mind, my point is that your cards should represent quality and taste and not be something to cheap out on.
  • Lastly, adding little touches to your cards such as spot UV or a matte finish are inexpensive ways to give your cards that extra flair that they may need.

Through my experience I feel equipping yourself with a unique business card allows you to get your foot through the door faster and more reliable than any digital tool out there. Of course you can meet with someone and connect later on any social media platform but business cards act as a physical reminder of who you are and the company you represent.

Having cards on you at all times ensures that you are prepared for any meeting as well as any opportunity that comes up. You do not want to be the guy that has to write down his contact information onto a napkin because your cards were left back at the office. Make it a habit to keep some cards in your wallet, purse or car so that your ready whenever an opportunity presents itself.

So do you still feel that business cards are dated? I assure you they are not. In a time when everyone is relying on digital applications to do things for them, stand out by taking a more personal and traditional approach. A 3.5” x 2” rectangle known as a business card.




About the Author


Robert has a love for graphic design stemming from his passion to create while solving problems. He enjoys overcoming challenges and providing the best solutions while creating something stunning. Being able to see something that starts as just an idea or a sketch and turning that into a fully functional work of art is what makes Robert such an integral part of our team. Robert admires designers such as Paul Rand, who has motivated and inspired him to pursue his dreams of becoming a designer, and taking his skills to the next level. As Paul Rand once said, “Design is everything, EVERYTHING!”. Design is RJ’s life..

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