The quick answer is YES. Pens continue to be the highest selling promotional item and a great tool to use for brand awareness. Color, construction, and functionality are the key features to consider when choosing your pen.

The color should reflect your branding. You can choose the primary brand color or an accent color. Additionally, you can utilize the pen to tell a story, such as running a campaign for breast cancer awareness and choosing a pen with pink trim or even pink writing ink!

The construction and writing quality of your pen is important. You don’t want to be in the middle of writing when the pen runs out of ink or falls apart in your hands. Get a few samples and try them out prior to ordering.

Although we use a great amount of technology today, writing is not obsolete, and in fact, many have a higher expectation of the quality of pen they write with these days. An excellent way to include pens into your promotions is by combining them with a notebook for a nice presentation and dual function for your clients!

We recommend keeping both plastic and metal pens on-hand. Plastic pens are great to build brand awareness since you can hand them to anyone who walks through your door while metal is perfect to give to top clients and executives.

One of our preferred pen suppliers has an excellent case study where pens have proven their effectiveness. In this case study, the local police had sent their school resource officers to conduct visits and presentations to elementary and middle school students, educating them on the proper use of 911. After conducting these visits and handing out the popular Javalina Breeze plastic pens to students, the police department saw a measurable drop in false 911 calls.

This is the Mardi Gras pen. They can be given out at events that are having a Chinese auction. Each color can be placed by each prize.

“Chinese auctions are very similar to silent auctions except they have a raffle component added to the mix. The bidding on items is done by ticket instead of by a written bid.

In a Chinese auction, customers buy a number of tickets for a set price, then use the tickets to bid on the items on display by dropping them in a fishbowl next to the item. In a silent auction, they would just enter a bid amount on a form next to the donated item.” –

At the end of the event, the guest holding the pink pens can be given a consolation prize and the person holding the purple pen can be given the grand prize.

A few other ways to determine what type of pen is great for you is to consider your industry and who will be using your pens. For the healthcare industry or senior living, a wider body pen with a nice grip would be a wonderful choice as it provides comfort while writing. You might like the Pompeo pen.

Tech companies and cell phone companies can offer a stylus pen to sign a contract and give that pen to the client once the contract is signed. The Javalina Stylus pen is perfect for this!

These are just a few marketing ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Pens remain a favored promotional product, so we say, go ahead and be a pen snob!

About the Author

Rita Shaffer

Rita has been in marketing since 2004 and a promotional product specialist for over 11 years. She strives to be the go-to person for her clients’ tradeshows, holidays, and events throughout the year.

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