How the Coronavirus Has Changed Business & New Ways to Connect with Your Audience

As the world evolves, humans learn to change and adapt to it. Many times in life we are challenged, and currently, we have all experienced one of the most trying times in modern human history. This human experience is an opportunity to bring out the best in yourself and those around you. Innovation, creativity, spontaneity, and thoughtfulness are concepts to grab and hold onto with all you have; these gifts of life help push humanity into the future.

As we evolve into an even more digital age (imagine that!), where many of us are working remotely, there are many opportunities to stay connected through thoughtful promotional products. Many manufacturers are rising to the challenge by offering incentives and fresh ideas, such as waiving costs to drop shipments directly at your doorstep, layaway programs for future event planning, and creative office items to help those working from home.

Here are just a few ways we can stay connected (and lighthearted) through promotional products:

Delivery at Your Doorstep:

Who needs a drink right about now? Choose from a few different cocktail kits such as the Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, and my personal favorite Gin & Tonic, along with a 17 oz. Stainless Tumbler. Send this kit to anyone you think could use a little pick me up or two. The best part is for this item drop shipments are waived for the first 100 addresses*. That means you’ll be making a much-needed connection with your audience right in their homes.

*Restrictions apply. Limited time offer. Ask your promotional product specialist for details.

Postponed Event? Don’t Fret!

We have sources that will provide up to three months of storage for your promotional product order so you can still plan ahead without having to hold onto hundreds of promo items in your office for the next few months*. We all know how important it is to plan, and this will really help you stay on the ball. Remember, once things turn around (and they will), every company will be headed for the same products and services all at once. With this special offer program, we can help offset the rush so you can sit back and relax.

*Restrictions apply. Limited time offer. Ask your promotional product specialist for details.

Reduce Stress for Maximum Productivity:

Send employees a Healthy at Home Kit. Each kit includes a yoga mat with a bag, bamboo glass bottle, and a Bluetooth speaker! Add a craft box for shipping, and you’ve got a perfect health kit! And one more thing, this kit is being offered with a waived setup fee*.

*Restrictions apply. Limited time offer. Ask your promotional product specialist for details.

In conclusion, promotional products bridge the gap. They provide something tangible, exciting, and useful to our daily lives. Surprise your clients, your employees, and other associates with a product delivered to their doorstep to keep that connection going.

I’m looking forward to what new things will come after the dust has settled. No matter how far we go into the digital world, there is one thing I am certain of. Nothing can replace the bond we share with each other. And although we can connect easily through social media and the internet, I think we will all feel better when we can have a big party with our families, hug them, and know that we made it through something tragic and still have each other to hold onto.

About the Author

Catherine Shaffer

Catherine is a marketing manager working with all of our departments to bring marketing initiatives to life. She specializes in promotional products and is inspired by innovative goods and decoration techniques that take branding to another level. In her free time, she enjoys listening to good music and spending quality time with family.

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