On my desk in my apartment sits a pink notebook with “Ideas (Obviously Super Brilliant Ones)” etched on the front cover. While I’d like to take credit for all the obviously super brilliant ideas scribbled on the pages of that notebook, I must confess that most of them come from Pinterest! Whenever I want to do anything, whether that be trying a new hairstyle, changing up my wardrobe, or crafting a DIY project, I take to Pinterest to find some inspiration.

Before moving into my college apartment, I went searching for some décor ideas on, you guessed it, Pinterest! I was able to create a special board and save pins with fun ideas and cool color schemes. I even purchased prints for my wall and made a DIY fringe chandelier from the instructions I found on the site.

The point of this blog isn’t for me to bestow my interior design advice upon you but to tell you how beneficial Pinterest can be to your business!  Putting the products and services your company offers on Pinterest for the world to see is wonderful exposure, and it’s free! Keep reading about how I used Pinterest to decorate my apartment and see why you need to be on Pinterest.

Coming Up with an Initial Idea

When I began planning how I wanted to decorate my apartment, I hopped on Pinterest and searched “apartment décor.” This search gave me a million different images featuring a vast array of styles and colors. I saved ideas that I thought were cool and eventually decided on the direction I wanted to take.

How This Helps Your Business: Curate your own images and post them to Pinterest, so they show up in searches! Pinterest users will see these images and head to your profile to check out what else you have to offer. Say hello to new business!

Selecting Certain Products

Once I decided on what style and color scheme I liked best (cool blue tones, in case you were wondering), my searches got more specific. I looked for certain products, like which bedspread I wanted, what lamps would look cool, or which rug I liked the best.

How This Helps Your Business: Posting your products on Pinterest is free advertising! Pinterest users can see what your business has to offer, leaving them very likely to purchase from your company. Be sure to include a link to your website in your Pinterest bio! Like any other social media platform, users can follow your page to stay up to date on the latest from your company.

Making Purchases

Pinterest makes shopping super easy by allowing you to make a purchase right on the app! Prices are conveniently listed in the upper left-hand corner, and the simple tap of a button will take you directly to the website where you can purchase the item! I found this feature to be incredibly helpful, as I could easily buy the trendy décor I was finding and saving on Pinterest and didn’t have to go searching for it online.

How This Helps Your Business: This incredibly handy feature will directly bring in revenue for your company! Not only can people see your products on Pinterest, but they can easily purchase them in no time at all. By directing users to your website to make the purchase, consumers are encouraged to browse your site and add more products to their cart.

Sharing Photos

Now that all the packages I ordered have been delivered and my apartment is decorated, I can take pictures of my new décor and upload them to Pinterest for others to take inspiration from. In the description, I can include where I purchased the items pictured, a shameless plug for the companies I ordered from!

How This Helps Your Business: Just as I took inspiration from other people’s Pinterest posts (try saying that five times fast), other people will be able to get inspired by my posts. This creates more exposure for your business, making it easy for users who see my post to read where I got the products from and check out your business to purchase for themselves!

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, the whole point of creating a presence on Pinterest is to gain exposure! The benefits of this platform don’t strictly apply to interior design. People search Pinterest all the time for new clothes, products their family can use around the house, or birthday and Christmas presents!

If your business is not on Pinterest yet, get a move on! This platform grants you free exposure and the potential to increase your revenue! Do you need help creating your Pinterest account? Give AG Marketing a call, and we will gladly get you set up and post to your page for you! Pinterest can’t get any easier than that!

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