In the design world, it is a common thought that MAC is King. I have personally spent my career using MACs with that same mentality. I recently made the best decision to join the team here at AG Marketing Solutions, and wouldn’t you know they are a PC based environment. I was going to have to make the switch from MAC to PC, and I didn’t know what to expect. Would I constantly be frustrated at the computer or would it be a piece of cake?

Turns out, while I did have to form new habits, it was a painless switch. First, there was no transition needed in operating the Adobe products I rely on to do my job. Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign all work, look, and operate the same on both platforms. Second, most of the business world uses PCs, so I was no longer experiencing issues with file sharing with clients. In addition, I didn’t even need to change how I work. (Lots of windows open and constantly switching between them.) On a MAC, I could hit a button and it would launch the Mission Control, which let me look at everything I had open and switch between files with ease; but PC has that same feature. Just hit the Tab and windows button and you can see everything that you have open and switch between files.

Discovering the Windows/Tab shortcut was a game-changer; however, I would say the biggest adjustment was with the keyboard. I now had to lift my fingers up a little more because the PC keyboard is not as flat as the MAC keyboard. I also had to form new habits when using keyboard shortcuts. There was no longer a command key. Instead, I needed to use the control key, which was in a different spot. I had to adjust my finger placement and use my pinky a lot more. However, after working on a PC for a month, I have found myself trying to use the control key on my MAC at home. Turns out even the biggest adjustment was not that big at all.

There are plenty of reasons to switch from MAC to PC. As Roberto Blake listed out on Creative Pro, most of the business world uses Windows and they are much cheaper than MAC. However, as far as creating great designs on the PC instead of a MAC, making the switch is easy and painless.

About the Author

Rachel Berninger

Rachel is one of our graphic designers. When she is not creating, she is outdoors, throwing a ball for her dog, or both.

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