If your business makes a lot of deliveries or even if your employees are always traveling the local roadways, having a branded vehicle to utilize is an excellent way to get your name recognized. In general, the more people that see your logo and are exposed to your company, the more people will look into your company and hopefully convert into a customer. With the prevalence of smaller work vehicles from Chevy, Ford, Dodge, and even Mercedes-Benz, it has never been easier to get your hands on a small to mid-size utility van for your business. Below are a couple pros and cons to owning a branded vehicle for your company. 


If you have your brand and services plastered (tactfully) all over a vehicle you are driving often, this exposes your brand to more sets of eyes the longer you drive around. Just a simple 20-minute drive down the highway can expose you to hundreds of eyes.  

Local customers that may be getting goods/services delivered from you will appreciate the extra professionalism of a clean, branded vehicle. While personally delivering any order directly to a customer is great, it’s probably not best to do it in a rusted-out 1996 Honda Civic.  

Pickups or drop-offs of medium to large amounts of local raw materials or finished goods can help to save on the cost of having to utilize FedEx, UPS, or a courier service. FedEx and UPS are going to charge the same amount for your shipment if it is only 5 miles away versus if it is 75 miles away. Plus, the heavier the shipment, the higher the cost.  


With the road comes potential road-rage. Whenever you or an employee are utilizing a branded vehicle, it’s important to always let a cool head prevail. As mentioned earlier, driving a branded vehicle gives you exposure to hundreds of eyes very quickly. If you drive poorly, it will be remembered.  

With a company vehicle comes great responsibility. Anyone driving it will have to be trusted with the vehicle and to drive appropriately, and both the driver and business will need to be properly insured in the case of an accident.  

While these vehicles are available quite economically, a vehicle is always a large purchase. Add on any vinyl decals, wraps, or other branding, and the costs can start stacking up quickly. Add in maintenance, tires, and gas and you may end up over your head. Make sure to plan wisely for a vehicle purchase. 


Whether you opt to purchase a vehicle for your company or continue using personal vehicles for travel needs, the road is always a great place to advertise your business wherever you can.  If you can’t afford to invest in a vehicle, always consider bumper stickers or vehicles magnets as an economical alternative! 

About the Author

Clay Ridings

Clay is a Marketing Assistant, eager to learn everything he can about the industry. When he isn’t working, he enjoys working on and riding his motorcycle or playing a relaxing round of terrible golf.

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