Are you looking for a new way to interact with your clients and prospects? Social media has many advantages, and one way to utilize your platforms and get people excited to engage with you is by creating a photo contest!

Step 1: Choose Your Target Audience

To execute a successful campaign, start with nailing down your target audience and addressing them directly in the campaign. For example, an apartment community may choose “Do you have an eye for design? Send us your best interior design pics for a chance to win a free flat screen TV!”.

Step 2: Keep your eye on the prize!

Making sure your prize is appealing to your target audience is important, so you don’t exclude potential entrants. If you are targeting both men and women, be sure the prize will be useful to both! However, if your audience is primarily women, feel free to lure contestants with that glamourous designer handbag! You can also choose a prize that offers an experience verses giving away an item; offering a vacation, tickets to an event, or free entry to a local attraction, can reach a broader audience.

Step 3: Choose your platform

Photo contests not only draw in people to enter your contest, but you’ll have many of the entrants’ friends checking out your page! GrubHub ran a promotion through Snapchat asking people to create a “Food Doodle” which they then sent to GrubHub. Utilizing this platform allowed users to get really creative and have fun with it!

Step 4: Provide a Visually Appealing Ad

Design is an important step in the process for marketing any campaign, especially a photo contest. Your ad design should incorporate bold lettering, an attractive image, and keep the content short and to the point.

Summing It Up

To sum it up, photo contests on social media are engaging and fun for you, your clients and prospects. Many different industries can utilize this marketing campaign to create a buzz around your business!

About the Author

Catherine Shaffer

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