The video-sharing social media app, TikTok, has taken over the social media industry as the leading, most popular social media platform with 1.1 billion users worldwide. TikTok is filled with entertaining content produced by its users for its users, creating endless video content catered to each specific TikTokerBeyond that, TikTok is responsible for launching careers, businesses, and creatives to success almost overnight. With this, it is important that businesses take advantage of this marketing opportunity to boost their businessesThe below tips present 5 ways to utilize TikTok in promoting your business that are guaranteed to draw users in more efficiently, effectively, and successfully.  

1. Incorporate Aspects of Your Business into Popular Trends 

First, start off by doing some TikTok research. Scroll through your feed and look through prominent users/influencers’ accounts to scope out what the popular trends and dances currently are. Staying up to date is crucial! Use these trends to incorporate and relate your business into them. This can be done through the usage of onscreen text, incorporating products and services into the specific trend to personalize it and direct it to your business while still following the format that popularized the trend/dance. This will draw users who follow and enjoy these trendto find the video, watch it, and ultimately become aware of and engaged with your business. 

 2. Use Trending Sounds 

Almost all TikTok videos are accompanied by music or what TikTok refers to as sounds. Sounds are ranked as popular/most usedspecifically so users can search videos based on the sound used in them. By using a popular sound in your TikTok video, whether it is for a trend/dance or even just as background music, it will help to boost and promote your video to a broader audience by putting your video on a user’s feed while also making it more searchable.  

3. BInteractive  

Being interactive through your videos is key to drawing in users and future customers to your account and ultimately your businessThere are multiple ways you can generate interaction with users on the app. Here are a few recommendations:  

  • Create a challenge, any kind of challenge! Make sure to ask users to participate and tag you.  
  • Ask users questions that will prompt them to respond in the comments.  
  • Ask users to tag a friend. 
  • Ask users to duet the video.  
  • Ask users to share the video. 
  • Duet other users’ videos. 

 4. Collaborate with Micro Influencers/Influencers 

Collaborating with TikTok users that have a larger following will prompt their followers to want to engage with your business! TikTok has given rise to a multitude of influencers ranging from different ages, brands, and aesthetics. With this, there are plenty of influencers on TikTok with a range of different followings, some larger than others. Collaborating with big name or even micro influencers (depending on the size and budget of your business) can help boost brand awareness and draw more people/audiences in. Another greatand freeoption is duetting an influencer’s post in relation to your business/products. Duetting allows for you to respond through a video curated by you next to someone else’s existing video. Doing this with an account that has a larger following allows their audience to come in contact and engage with your business.  

5. Use Trending Hashtags  

Hashtags are super important when using social media for promotional and marketing purposes. This is especially important on TikTok in order for your videos to pop up on more users’ feedsYou always want to use the hashtags #fyp and #foryoupage in your caption so that your video is pushed out to a broader audience and placed on users “for you page.” This also goes for TikToks top trending hashtags that ultimately do the same, expanding your audience engagement and generating potential customers for your business.  


Conclusion: TikTok’s prominence creates a great opportunity for businesses to promote themselves as well as their products and services. In utilizing these TikTok marketing tips, your business is guaranteed to receive an increase in engagement and business. Most importantly, remember to be creative and have fun in curating your business’ TikToks 

About the Author

Molly Cari

Molly is our Social Media Coordinator Intern/Assistant. She is a senior at Temple University. In her free time, she loves hanging out with friends and family and exploring new places in the city.

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