That title is not a typo; sports are back. Now that they are, people like me are much happier!

Sports have always taken up a lot of brainpower in my life, and these months without them have been interesting. Once they stopped, I, along with many others, had to figure out what else to watch or what else to do. Many different options of activities have come up, and it’s been great getting to do some of them.

So I’ve figured out life without sports, but now they’re back, I’ve thought about how else the world will change now that things are different. Here are some thoughts I’ve had:

  1. Marketing Strategies
    Brand awareness has now returned. With millions of viewers tuning into these live sporting events, people are all now seeing brands they love have a presence where they haven’t seen them in some time. From a marketing perspective, these brand placements now have a much higher value than before. Big marketing companies now have an opportunity to rethink their strategies (i.e. how they wish to be perceived). They can stick with original plans and use it as an opportunity to make the world aware of a new product or service or they can use it to show the world and their customers that they value a sense of community. Either way, marketing teams involved in these sporting events now have fresh opportunities to give a new look and feel to their brands. Other live events are now taking note, as the concert scene is slowly but surely making a comeback. A friend who works to provide wearable accessories to live events told me his company has had a tough year, and rightfully so. However, as sports are now back, they, along with their clients, have been taking notes in an effort to solidify logistics in order to safely bring traction to the live events industry. Whether it be separated seating, constant sanitation, or other techniques, brands, and companies involved in live events can now get their strategies solidified to start up soon.
  2. The Stock Market
    Now that I’m involved in the stock market a bit, it’s interesting to see, hear, and think about how sports affect other companies’ performances, even if fans aren’t allowed to attend games. Relating to the previous note in brand awareness, how companies are perceived by the public (because of these marketing efforts) will directly affect their value. Now that sports gambling is legal in most states, some of these betting platforms have stock profiles to invest in. For example, since DraftKings (DKNG) reopened in March at $11 per share, it is now up over 400% to $48 a share. In other words, a purchase of 100 shares in March would have turned $1100 into $4800. But why is this? Before American sports came back to full presence, international sports were beginning to start up again. The first sporting event that came back after the pandemic hit was Korean baseball, and one game made DKNG jump $5 per share in one night.
  3. Social Movements
    Social movements are getting more national coverage by the day. Athletes all over the world are taking the time they get while being watched by millions to spread messages they want to be heard. But why now? During this complicated year, while so many of us have been restricted from travel, group activities, and just about everything else, it gave us time away from sports to focus on other things. Sports are just a game, so while we learned how to live without them, some topics arose that high-profile athletes wanted to address. So, upon their return to the court/field, they had a platform to share their opinions regarding these topics.
  4. New Hobbies
    So now that this huge part of my life is back, why am I not as excited as I should be? During this hiatus, we’ve all had to find something to keep us occupied. Upon doing that, we’ve learned to live a life without sports (not that it’s preferred by any means). I’ve taken time to read more, watch something more interesting, or find new ways to stay in shape. Even now that sports are back, I still keep my mind on these new things and not as much on the priceless entertainment that has made its way back into my life. This year has shown us that it can be taken away easily. It’s taught us to not take it for granted.

And in the bigger picture, it’s taught us to not take ANYTHING for granted.

About the Author

Adam Tamny

Adam is our Marketing Coordinator, handling all things floorplans while getting his feet wet in any other area he's needed. This summer, he's focusing a lot on his golf game and tanning strategies!

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