If you’ve decided that you need some variety of branded products to help promote your company, you’ve most likely spoken to a promotional products distributor. In your conversations, they probably bombarded you with every question under the sun. So many questions that at times, you may wonder why they need so much information from you – after all, you’re only buying a product from them, right?

You may get questions like “What is this product going to be used for?” or “What event are you taking this to?” or even questions about your company and its values. These questions are being asked because providing promotional products is more than just completing a sale. You are trusting us with your branding, and we want to be sure that we are representing your brand the best we can. Your reputation – and ours – depends on it. Your promo rep is asking all these questions of you to make sure they are armed with all the information needed in order to stay true to your brand’s values.

If you appear at a trade show, your promotional product rep can help you select the best product for the show and attendees to make sure that your message gets across and is memorable. If you are giving out gifts to your clients, we will make sure it is something they will keep and use to make sure your company is getting the recognition it deserves. As a promotional product distributor and a marketing company in general, we’re here to help you grow your business in every way imaginable. A big part of this is understanding your brand. When you work with us, we form a strong relationship with you and your brand to become the best partner we can.

As the younger generation begins to enter the business world, more and more of their values are taking hold. For example, millennials are much more focused on a company’s values than previous generations. Richard Carufel at Agility PR notes that millennials judge retailers for their policies and values and are more likely to choose one brand over another based solely on these factors. For millennials, the company is more than just the product they sell, rather it’s about how they conduct business and interact with those around them.

Understanding your brand’s values helps us to be able to suggest new or alternative products in order to take advantage of this trend and help you to grow your business. By asking all these questions and getting to know you, we develop custom solutions to help achieve your creative and strategic goals. While you focus on running your business, we are hard at work, making sure that your brand is portrayed the best it can be at your tradeshows, luncheons, and any other event you may need marketing help with.

About the Author

Clay Ridings

Clay is a Marketing Assistant, eager to learn everything he can about the industry. When he isn’t working, he enjoys working on and riding his motorcycle or playing a relaxing round of terrible golf.

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