If you’re a music fan like I am, you’ve probably sung at the top of your lungs to “Where Are U Now,” jammed out in the car to “Close To Me,” and danced to “Electricity.”  If you’re not big into pop and EDM, you probably have no idea who sings these songs, let alone who produced them.

The producer of all of these hits is American DJ, songwriter, and founder and manager of Mad Decent record company Thomas Wesley Pentz, better known to the world as Diplo.

The ex-Philadelphia schoolteacher has proven himself hit song after hit song to be an excellent EDM and pop producer, and through music he has created a name for himself in these genres of music. He has now decided to switch things up and take a swing at a whole new music industry that no one could have ever seen coming. Diplo is now recording mixes and songs with country artists like Morgan Wallen.

The new direction Diplo is taking his music in will enable him to not only continue to wow his current fans but also enable him to reach a whole new audience of people. But his sound isn’t the only thing that he’s changed. He’s also dressing the part! His once graphic tee and baseball cap filled Instagram can now be found filled with western hats and horses. He even played a late-night show at California’s Country Music Festival, Stagecoach.

Diplo has to market himself in a way that appeals to the group of people (normally EDM listeners) they are trying to reach. By working with iconic country music artists and throwing on a cowboy hat, he is appealing to people who listen to country music through branding.

The marketing behind his new music:

Brand Identity:

Diplo himself, his music, and everything he does is his brand. He has taken his image and added elements of country by posting photographs in the country, going to rodeos, and performing in cowboy hats. He is showing that even as an EDM artist he also relates to the country world.

Brand Image:

The music he has created with country artists, specifically Morgan Wallen, still holds elements of his EDM-style songs but have a country twang to them making both EDM and country music lovers able to relate.


Overall, if you are trying to reach a new audience, take notes from Diplo’s re-branding strategies and how he appeals to a new audience of people. Don’t know where to start? We can help. Just give us a call at 610-337-8484!

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