‘Tis the season to be jolly… and what better year than this one to be full-on jolly, am I right? The holidays are the perfect endcap to a not so perfect year, so let’s get festive! Here are some ways to incorporate the holiday spirit into your brand. 

Create a Temporary Holiday Themed Logo 

Adding some seasonal flair to your logo really helps to connect with your customers. It shows your brand’s personality and that your business is celebrating, too! Replace an “o” in your logo with a wreath, dot an “I” with a bow, or just simply add some sparkle!  

Take a look at these famous brands that spiced up their logos for the holidays here

Give Your Website a Holiday Facelift 

This year, more and more people are browsing the internet and shopping online than ever before, so this is the perfect time to make your website a little festive and engage your audience. Add a pop-up greeting card when someone enters your site, some falling snow JavaScript, or a fun holiday header that relates to your business or product. The options are endless! 

Breathe Some Holiday Spirit into Your Shipping Materials 

Companies like Uline or UPakNShip sell shipping materials perfect for the holidays. Get preprinted bow and ribbon boxes, foiled bubble mailers, or holiday-themed poly mailers to step up your shipping game. 

Wrap It Up with the Year in Review 

Similar to how Spotify wraps up their listener’s year in music, wrap up your business’s year, too! From your top 10 best-selling products, your company’s growth in email subscribers, or the top 5 Instagram posts based on likes, this is a great marketing idea to transition from one year to the next. 


Make the holidays a little bit more magical by adding some festive touches to your brand this year. Whether you incorporate some spirit on your website, in your logo, or through your shipping materials, your customers will be sure to notice and happy to join in on the holiday cheer. 

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Jenna Cooper Gray

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