Ever heard the saying, New year, new you? Does that saying hold true for your brand as well Your brand is your name, look, and identity that represent your company. It is how your customers can distinguish you from the competition. Updating your brand is tricky because you don’t want to lose brand recognition, but waiting too long can also be detrimental. How do you know it’s time for your brand to get a new look? 

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider updating your brand: 

  1. Your company goals or product lines may have changed
    The original product line or mission of your company may have expanded into something new or the times have changed. Your original branding may not reflect who you are as a company now, resulting in your branding becoming more constraining. For example, in Dunkin’ Donuts case, they sell so much more than donuts and coffee.
  2. Your current branding is just not working
    Your brand may not be sticking out in a crowd of companies. Sometimes your original branding doesn’t convey the right message, confusing your audience. An example Ragan‘s PR Daily gave is with company called BackRub. It was a search engine that analyzed backlinks to help people with their searches. People found this name seriously confusing, forcing their company to rebrand by changing their company to “Google, and the rest is history.
  3. There has been a change in the overall company as an organization
    You might have experienced a recent merger or you’re just changing the location of your office. This is a great time to reinvent yourself. Changing your branding might let you sell your product at a premium price, but it has to look the part. Also, you could be trying to distance yourself from a negative brand. Say you have to update your letterhead and website, why not take this chance to update your branding? Whatever changes might be occurring in your company, use them as opportunities to improve upon your business. 
  4. Your brand just might be outdated
    A logo that worked in the 60s might have fallen out of fashion today. A vintage logo will date your company, instead of identifying you as a modern company. Companies like Pepsi, Burger King, and even Starbucks are constantly tweaking their branding and even their name to keep current and relevant. 


Whatever your reasoning for updating your branding, the new year has never been a better time. The new year has always been a symbol of change and better things to come, and this year is no exception. As people try to better themselves, why not try to better your brand? 

About the Author

Rachel Berninger

Rachel is one of our graphic designers. When she is not creating, she is outdoors, throwing a ball for her dog, or both.

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