Scroll, click, create a board (maybe a secret one), pin, and repeat. The next thing you know it’s 1:00am, and you’ve been searching for hours on end, losing track of time yet again! I am a victim of Pinterest’s mesmerizing platform. From looking for home décor to yummy recipes to DIY projects to occupy my free time. Almost every time I log on and start clicking through pins, I stumble across businesses I never knew existed that had AH-MAZING items and have even bought from them after clicking the product in the pin and being linked to the website.

Pinterest has over 200 million monthly users, meaning your business could be reaching a whole new audience by creating a business account. Users are looking specifically for a new idea, brand, or product to buy for a specific reason according to studies done by Hootsuite. Creating pins, adding photographs and hashtags and linking them to products or services on your website can open an entirely new door for your company and customer base when people start to re-pin and follow your boards. Especially because every pin leads you back to the original poster!

The industries below are just a few examples of companies that are utilizing Pinterest. Check out these ideas to see what you could be doing to increase your businesses exposure:

Event Venues:

  • Photography Boards: Most venues add photographs taken by photographers and create boards for different events that occurred on the property, like Appleford. Pictures are linked back to their website’s blog and photo galleries to see a more in-depth look at the event or party theme
  • DIY Boards:
    • Event venues also have boards that display DIY décor ideas to help the customer picture their event and how they can utilize the space.


  • Food and Drink Boards: Mouthwatering lunch, dinner, and dessert photographs are primarily what you will find on restaurant accounts, like Pinocchio’s Restaurant. Along with signature cocktails and beverages. These pins link back to the menu on the website.

Clothing Brands:

  • Seasonal Boards:
    • There is a fashion for every season and a board to go with it! Clothing brands utilize Pinterest to highlight new clothing for every season. They also pair outfits with accessories to match! All of these pins link back to the company’s website where you can purchase the item or outfit displayed
  • Get The Look Boards:
    • Clothing brands, like Altar’d State, also create boards for events or occasions like “Festival Looks,” “Beach Getaway,” and more that highlight products they sell for the specific occasion.

The industries mentioned above just touch upon the vast number of industries utilizing Pinterest! By creating pins with links, photographs, and hashtags that relate back to your brand, you can expand your audience in no time! You can even pay to promote pins if you want!

People are constantly pinning to boards and clicking through pins to see where items that catch their eye are from. So why not make the website they end up clicking to be yours?

About the Author

Samantha Payne

Samantha is one of our social media coordinators. She is a photographer in her spare time and loves to travel to new exciting places.

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