When most people think of promotional products, their brain jumps straight to the drawer that everybody has in their house. The drawer filled with countless giveaways from pens to letter openers imprinted with a company’s contact information. While these giveaways are invaluable tools to make sure your business is in front of as many potential customers as possible, this is not the only role promotional products can fill.

Whether you’re a startup or a well-established business, having a strong brand identity is as important as the product or service you sell. Having a professional image can be the deciding factor in converting a prospect into a customer. Items like the doormat greeting your customers, the apparel your employees wear, or the glasses provided to them to drink from are often overlooked when thinking about promotional products. High-end hotels make excellent use of this idea and make sure everything you see has their name on it. Something as small as having the hotel’s name and logo displayed on their drinkware, coasters, and everything else you touch while staying with them has a massive impact on perceived value. Items such as these aren’t being given to a customer, but rather experienced by a customer. Another way to take advantage of this concept is by using promotional products to help stage photoshoots of your business. Including branded merchandise in your photoshoots shows viewers your attention to detail and passion for your business. A few well-placed items paired with an excellent photographer sets you a rung above the competition.

The end goal of this type of marketing is to make sure the customer never loses sight of who you are, what you do, or where to find you. By branding everything your customer uses, touches, or even sees, you begin to envelop the customer with your image and leave a more lasting impression in their minds. For individuals that are visual learners, this type of connection will help cement you in their minds. In an age where we see more advertisements than our brains know what to do with, creating an image of brand culture in people’s minds before they even walk through your door or visit your website is the difference between growing your market share and losing out to the competition. Don’t be just another business. Be an experience.

About the Author

Clay Ridings

Clay is a Marketing Assistant, eager to learn everything he can about the industry. When he isn’t working, he enjoys working on and riding his motorcycle or playing a relaxing round of terrible golf.

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